Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Here we are in the middle of May and the UK is once again under threat of cold temperatures, snow flurries, gale force winds, and loads of rain...
not to mention loads of grey clouds...  

This colder weather is making me want to hibernate... light the fire, make hot chocolate, curl up and sleep until it's all over!

I am so glad my darling and I managed to get a few good walks accomplished over the last month.  All this  house-boundedness is just making me itch to get out.  

WARNING:  ONLY CLICK on photo if you wish to read about our walks

On the other hand, this unusual weather pattern does provide me with good reasons for staying indoors; it gives me the opportunity to focus on my crochet ideas and forces me to make them a reality.... so I am taking a deep breath, and making the most of it, and trying really hard not to feel like I am trapped and can't get out.  

WARNING:  ONLY CLICK on photo if you wish to read about our walks

As promised in the last post, Crochet and Blossoms in May, where I briefly mentioned our wonderful walk through a beautiful apple orchard in full blossom, I am presenting my first spring blossom crochet design for this season.  Inspired by all the lovely spring blossoms found in the English countryside in May.

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Crochet Coaster and Placemat SPRING BLOSSOMS
A brightly coloured table set, including a crochet placemat and a crochet coaster.  Both circular and both trimmed with a decorative petal edge.  

I used one of my favourite yarns for colour selections, King Cole Bamboo Cotton.  I love the vibrant colours, almost iridescent.  And I think the yarn thickness is just perfect for this crochet table set.

Simply Perfect for summertime fun and celebrations.  Choose from the huge selection of colours to make your beautiful crochet table set.  I kept it simple with only three colours, but you could easily make the table set using just two colours or up to eight colours if you wish.  The choice is always yours, so get creative, and make a few, and bring some of those lovely spring colours indoors.  AND HAVE FUN.

crochet patterns, how to crochet, placemats, coasters, doilys,

I hope you have enjoyed my spring blossom photos... and I hope you will enjoy this pattern also.  

You will find the pattern available from
Barbara Summers
on-line pattern store

Ravelry,    Craftsy  AND  Etsy

Enjoy every moment,
focus on every stitch,
create a masterpiece....

Enjoy.... ciao, ciao!