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About this blog:

My name is Barbara Summers and I created this blog MiCrocknit Creations for the simple purpose of sharing my crochet and knit pattern designs and projects. I hope you enjoy reading, commenting and browsing through all the patterns and links.

Barb and her darling

About Barbara Summers:

I live with my husband in Whitstable, a seaside town of Kent in the UK, and spend my free time designing simple and practical crochet and hand knit patterns. I write my patterns in USA American crochet terms and UK British crochet terms. My crochet designs have been published in Inside Crochet magazine and with DMC Creative World Ltd.

Barb and babies

About my personal life:

I am a mother of two (all grown now), and grandma to one (granddaughter 4.5yrs). I love travelling, walking, taking photos, blogging, cooking and spending time with family. I am very interested in natural medicine, and I love exploring "what life is about".

In June 2015 I had a return of breast cancer after 15.5 years, this time the lump grew in my armpit, impacting on the major nerve of my left arm. This has been the reason for a slow decline in new patterns from me.  It is now January 2017, and after radiotherapy I am still waiting for a return of the use of my left hand in the hope to crochet and knit once more.  When that day comes I will be back to blogging about my new crochet and knit creations, in the meantime I hope you enjoy my existing patterns.

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